CMP Europe is celebrating its ten-year anniversary in business this October. The company was founded in 1972 under the name Seaguard Italanodi S.r.l. with 9 employees in the town of Casella near the port of Genoa. This area is one of the most important boating districts not only in Italy but throughout Europe.

In 2011, the company merged with the Canadian company CMP Group Ltd. and became known as CMP Group S.r.l. The original Seaguard headquarters consisted of several offices, a small foundry/workshop and warehouse space for inventory.

The company began as a small foundry operation, specializing in manufacturing and distribution of anodes and other ferrous metals to the recreational and commercial boating markets. Since the merger, CMP Group S.r.l. (CMP Europe Division) has continued to grow and expand both manufacturing and product assortments.

Today, in addition to manufacturing cathodic protection products, the company also distributes chain, dock products, boat steering systems, marine pumps, anchors, portable toilets and other recreational boating products. The company has continued to play an increasingly important role in the growth of CMP Group Ltd. worldwide.

This growth has allowed CMP Group Ltd. to continue to expand and allocate resources into the European operation. During 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, the company invested in a new larger facility located in Casella. This new facility includes a 5,000 square meter warehouse (3,000 square meters indoor and 2,000 square meters outdoor) in addition to the office space, which currently houses a staff of more than 20 people.

In early 2021, as the global pandemic problems persisted, CMP Europe consolidated all operations into this new location. This allowed to further increased efficiencies, growth and expansion. The foundry and workshop areas have been renovated and expanded, which increased manufacturing capacities and product assortments. Additionally, the larger warehouse area has allowed the company to operate more effectively, providing customers with quicker and more customized shipments. The company is committed to streamlining and continuing to improve work processes. As such, staff and other resources have been expanding to ensure that the company services all customers with a high degree of care and level of performance.

As the company continues to grow, new brands have been added to the product portfolio. In addition to the historical and legacy brands such as MARTYR for anodes, ROCNA and VULCAN for anchors, TITAN for chain and marine equipment, DOCK EDGE for dock accessories, OCTOPUS, INTELLISTER, SEAGUARD CATHODIC PROTECTION, the recent acquisitions of brands such as PANTHER, TROLLMASTER, EZ STEER and the “in-house” development of brands such as CMPOLAR for Reference Electrodes and CMP SAFE Seaguard Automatic System for antifouling anodes further expand the portfolio of world- famous and well-loved brands worldwide and affrims the nature of the company being fully dedicated to the marine business.

The team at CMP Europe is extremely confident that this trend will continue to grow and are proud to be part of this group!


The Team of CMP Europe Division


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