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Originally owned by Cominco Ltd. (Teck Resources) and based in Vancouver, the company began its foundry operations that serviced and focused on the plumbing and forestry industries during the early 1900s. The growth in the company’s non-ferrous metal casting capabilities allowed it to expand its product offering to include the manufacture of gravity cast zinc and aluminum anodes for the commercial marine industries. Building on the success achieved in the commercial marine market, the company was able to offer the utility of their performance enhanced alloys to the world’s leading boat and marine engine builders. Here the company was able to use the process of pressure die casting to produce more intricate castings that were needed to protect the underwater components of the rapidly expanding pleasure craft industry.

During the 1990’s the company transitioned from Cominco Ltd. to Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd., and continued to pursue new opportunities through several acquisitions in the traditional lines of marine, plumbing and forestry sectors. With these acquisitions, it provided the company with the necessary resources to improve the manufacturing efficiencies for its marine customers. These acquisitions also provided the company with a very loyal base of “custom die cast” (standard zinc and aluminum castings) customers who added a new and exciting market focus for the company.

Through this market expansion, the company has continued to focus on the development of new innovative alloys and casting techniques, which has enabled the company to expand its product and alloy range to not only include zinc and aluminum anodes, but also a wide range of magnesium anodes. Growing on this continued success, the company began an initiative to focus on the environment, and committed to developing and becoming a world leader in providing environmentally conscious products. With this, the company has gained an international reputation for unique environmentally friendly anodes, as well as, for the superior quality for its Martyr branded marine and commercial sacrificial marine anodes.

During the 2000’s, the company continued acquiring various companies and product lines.  The first acquisition was the purchase of Comprehensive Manufacturing Technologies CMT Inc. (CMT).  With CMT’s extensive Engineering and Machining divisions, this acquisition further strengthened the  company’s ability to service the ever expanding needs of customers. The synergies of the product lines, including the Octopus line of marine autopilot drive systems, has allowed the company to expand its product offering to new OEM markets. Additionally, the company purchased Dock Edge + Inc. which further expanded the company’s product offerings to include dock and mooring related segments. As well, it expanded the manufacturing capabilities, location and resources that allowed the company to begin to focus on new marine and hardware retail opportunities to expand its complete product offering.

With the commitment to providing customers with innovative and value added solutions, the company has expanded its manufacturing capabilities and product assortments. Today the company has offices and manufacturing facilities in Canada, United States, Italy, and China. The facilities contain extensive engineering resources, metallurgical testing laboratories and production capabilities. Today the company has the manufacturing capability of die casting nonferrous metals,  CNC machining, metal stamping, metal fabricating, extruding various types of plastics, and roto-molding both PVC and PE products. The company produces and sources over 10,000 products, servicing industrial, construction, military, commercial and recreational marine markets.  The company operates globally, giving the company the ability to service customers from local offices and manufacturing facilities.

CMP is made up of many individual brands, each serving customers in different ways, but all with a focus to provide consumers with innovative and value added solutions.

The company believes that innovation and development are important in all the industries served, and takes great pride in pursuing that excellence. The company is dedicated to being a market leader, providing unique and distinctive products, but also continuing the ongoing effort to providing  green products suitable for all marine applications. The loyalty and support of customers has made it possible for CMP to grow from a small metal foundry, to a global leader with extensive manufacturing capabilities.


1987 – the then majority owners purchased the Canada Metal Company from Cominco Ltd. (Tech Resources) and continued to pursue opportunities in the traditional lines of marine, plumbing and forestry sectors.

1991 – the company acquired a 50% interest in Pacific Die Casting, a custom pressure die cast company. In 1993, the remaining 50% of this business was purchased. The purchase of Pacific Die Casting provided the company with the necessary resources to improve manufacturing efficiencies for its marine customers to such an extent that today it stands as the world’s largest producer of die cast marine anodes. The acquisition also provided the company with a very loyal base of custom die cast (zinc and aluminum alloys) customers who added a new and exciting market focus for the management team.

1993 – the Vancouver operation was incorporated as a single legal entity under Canada Metal (Pacific) Limited. Under this name our company continued to enhance its capabilities where:

1999 – purchased Comprehensive Manufacturing Technologies, a specialty engineering company that produced the Octopus brand of marine autopilot drive systems.

2004 – established Ningbo Jia Da Specialty Metals Ltd. our wholly owned state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Ningbo, China.

2010 – created a new marine products division called Titan Marine Products to leverage our synergies in the production of high quality marine chain, shackles, rope, as well as a multitude of marine tools and accessories.

2011 – purchased Seaguard Italanodi S.r.l, a European-based Corrosion Engineering and Manufacturing company located in Casella, Italy. We also acquired the manufacturing license to produce and sell the Rocna and Vulcan line of anchors.

2014 – established CMP Global Limited, a stand-alone logistics and manufacturing facility located in Norfolk, USA.

2016 – acquired a controlling interest in Dock Edge Plus, a company located in Toronto that produced and distributed a variety of marine and industrial products. We also established Seaguard International LLC, a stand-alone corrosion engineering company that services the needs of the rapidly-expanding American industrial sector.

2019 – changed the name of our company from Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd. to CMP Group Ltd. as part of the effort towards continuous growth and expansion of our global brands.


Our Quality Policy

At CMP we are conscientious individuals:

Dedicated to timely delivery of defect-free products


Committed to continuous process improvement

Diligent in our efforts to protect the environment

Our Vision

To deliver the most highly valued products and services thereby ensuring:

Happy customers

A business that our people and communities are proud of

Strong financial returns for our investors

Our Goal

To be World Class!


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