Hose couplings for a wide variety of domestic and commercial uses

Rocker Lugs are sold in sets (1 Male and 1 Female per set). Aluminum Rocker Lugs are seamless and anodized. They include swivel gasket and brass expansion rings. 

Asorted hose couplings that quickly connect to all 1 ½” quarter-turn adapters.

Asorted hose couplings that quickly connect to all 1” quarter-turn adapters

Male and Female Thread Adapters that fit all standard garden hoses.

Diamond knurl grip for easy adjustments and Heavy duty construction for commercial use.

For use on pin or rocker lug quarter-turn couplings. Available in zinc for corrosion protection.

Three and two way split hose lines that turn eaily even under pressure.

• Light Weight Couplings
• Tested to ULC Standards
• CNC Machined to Precise Tolerances
• ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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